Type less, make more

Create PDFs, reports and proposals in no time using our pre-built samples and your content from scraped documents.

Find yourself always creating manuals or certain kinds of reports? Turn it into a template and you won’t have to type a full sentence ever again.

Includes formatting options:


As easy as playing with blocks

Easily build and edit Templates for your documents so you'll never have to manage copies again.

Paprwork allows you to create Templates that all your Documents will be built on – this includes carrying over fields as well as your saved snippets.

Some examples of how others use Paprwork:

  • Consultation Documents
  • Office Documents
  • Clickable PDFs
  • Applications
  • Proposals

The world in your documents

Grow your revenue with affiliate links in PDFs or stand out with photos - Paprwork tracks and gives you searchable access to all that you put into documents.

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Technologies we use:

dr-alexis-shields uses paprwork

Meet our first user

Dr. Shields carefully crafts a 1.5-hour follow-up for each patient document for her 20+ patients by using content from her years of experience.

Paprwork now handles Dr. Shields’ layouts and stores all her text. Now Dr. Shields can now save over 1.5 hours per consult by easily accessing and re-using her text to make even better documents for her patients.

Your Content
Your Content

Search for text you've typed before

Paprwork stores your text and gives you searchable access to it right inside the document. Preview, edit, and re-arrange as you please from there.

Fully Customisable
Fully Customisable

Created for a variety of PDFs

Paprwork Templates work just like regular documents, so mix, match and move as much as you like. 1-Click template cloning means you can also easily create variations.

Document Builder
Document Builder

No keys, please

Finally a document builder that doesn’t overcomplicate things – just click to add an element to your document, and then cut and paste it around freely.

Who uses this stuff anyway?

Small business owners around the world are cutting down time spent making documents.

Private Practitioners

Simplifying their patient management practices by creating documents with stored information.

Administrative Professionals

Creating process and organisational documents in a flash that are easy to read, share and use.

Education Organisations

Building old-school experienced student reports and handouts in the new-school way.

Management Consultants

Making proposals with pre-loaded Due Diligence answers to collaborate on and win deals.

Struggling with traditional word processors?

Paprwork was made to be simple to use as a response to how we consume written documents now: online and en masse.

Time is money.

How much could you save?

Personal Plan
$ 9


  • 10 Document Templates
  • 5 GB of Storage
  • Basic Link Tracking
  • Unlimited PDF Exports
  • E-mail & Live Chat Support
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Pro Plan
$ 99


  • Unlimited Document Templates
  • 50 GB of Storage
  • Unlimited Link Tracking
  • Unlimited PDF Exports
  • E-mail/ Live / Phone Support
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Personal Plan
$ 179


  • Unlimited Document Templates
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Advanced Link Tracking
  • Unlimited PDF Exports
  • E-mail / Live / Phone Support
  • Multiple Users & Co-Creation
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