Documents in seconds

Paprwork is a document-making web app that can store blocks of information for you to search through and re-apply with just one click.

Documents in seconds

Type less, make more

Create PDFs, reports and proposals in no time using our pre-built samples and your content from scraped documents.

Find yourself always creating manuals or certain kinds of reports? Turn it into a template and you won’t have to type a full sentence ever again.

Includes formatting options:


The world in your documents

Grow your revenue with affiliate links in PDFs or stand out with photos - Paprwork tracks and gives you searchable access to all that you put into documents.

Use your own affiliate links and Paprwork will store and organise them – you’ll still be able to use text over it so that the link is embedded. This means you can now use PDFs for more than just information-sharing and actually make money from them.

Technologies we use:


Made for you

Businesses around the world are cutting down time spent making documents.

Private Practitioners

Simplifying their patient management practices by creating documents with stored information.

Administrative Professionals

Creating process and organisational documents in a flash that are easy to read, share and use.

Education Organisations

Building old-school experienced student reports and handouts in the new-school way.

Management Consultants

Making proposals with pre-loaded Due Diligence answers to collaborate on and win deals.

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